Last fall, MJ and I walked in to meet with Franke Rodriguez, the Canadian CEO of Anomaly, an international agency with a focus on digital. We had a big ask: would you create a brand new website for Rethink…for free?

Not only did he say, “yes,” without a moment’s pause, he followed it with “anything else?” That’s the awesome kind of agency they are.

We had lofty dreams for what we wanted the new website to be: a content portal that would share the latest breast cancer news, videos and blog posts that explore what cancer is like for a young woman: A beautiful site that was easy to navigate; and a place for our supporters to connect with our organization to find out more about how they can get involved in advocacy, events and fundraising. Anomaly made all of these wishes come true with the new!

A stylish and unique website was central to the new mission MJ had set forth for Rethink: to empower young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer, in a bold, modern and youthful way.

And an updated mission called for an updated look. Anomaly also developed a new brand identity that represents Rethink’s goal to constantly rethink what breast cancer education, support, and advocacy look like for a bold and modern audience. The new wordmark was designed not just as a logo, but as a call to action and brand promise: we will continue to turn things on their head; to challenge the status quo; to rethink.

The website and brand identity were created by Anomaly, with the development support of Dynamic Mind, photography by Nikki Ormerod of Westside Studios, and animation by Wingman VFX.

Check out the new Rethink at! We would love to hear what you think and what features you would like to see added to the site — it exists for you and will continue to evolve as we do, as an organization and as a new kind of breast cancer movement.


How is the new mission different from the previous?
You’ll see a couple new key words in our new mission: empower young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer.

  • Empower: As an organization we don’t just want to spew out facts and information, we want to effect change and motivate action. We want knowledge to be power and thereby empower those concerned about breast cancer not to fear the disease, but to take control of their health and well-being. We want those affected by it to learn the latest on what can help make all stages of the disease a little easier, while connecting them to others going through it, so they won’t feel isolated or alone.
  • Worldwide: We have had people globally reach out to Rethink because they like our style. They like that we create relevant resources and education campaigns that reflect their language and aesthetic as young people, and that we are using the digital channels they communicate on. By putting more of what we do online, we can ensure it has the biggest impact on people’s lives all around the world.

What’s the new brand identity and logo all about?
We were all extremely fond of our old logo, but it is always interesting to hear people outside of your organization reflect on your own brand. Although familiar to many people, the old Rethink logo didn’t fully sum up who we are and where we wanted the organization to go. It was time to rethink it. When we first saw the new logo that Anomaly designed, everyone in the room had a little “ah ha!” moment. It was so powerful that an image (and one word flipped on its head) could evoke such a strong sentiment from the team. We liked that the logo would motivate us as an organization to keep doing things differently. Check out the logo in action here!

We have some new brand colours too. We wanted to keep some pink, and we’ve brightened it to make it more modern and youthful, along with a sophisticated, warm grey.

Lastly, to reintroduce the brand we needed some fresh new imagery. We were lucky enough to work with the very talented photographer Nikki Omerod on a new photoshoot featuring some stunning faces of the inspirational women in our Rethink Young Women’s Network.

What does the new website feature?
The site has been built to share the latest news in Breast Health (detection, risk reduction and screening) and Living with Breast Cancer (diagnosis, treatment, life after treatment, support for families, metastatic cancer and more…) and will offer practical and emotional support through video content and blogs, bringing personal and professional expertise into the experience.

The updated Get Involved section makes it easy to find ways to support the organization from attending an event to hosting your own fundraiser.Moreover, it will showcase Rethink’s Campaigns for Change advocacy program making it easy for you to help improve the lives of young people concerned about and affected by breast cancer.

You can also read all about Rethink to learn about why MJ started the charity; how and why we rethink; and who we are!

And of course make a donation through the Donate section so we can continue to do the work that we do.

How much does it cost to get a brand new website like that?
A lot. But Anomaly provided the strategy, site architecture, and design work for free because they believe so strongly in our cause. The web development was donated by Dynamic Mind, leaving Rethink to only cover some of the remaining hard costs. We are very fortunate to work with such fabulous supporters to bring our work to life!