Here’s the buzz from this week we think you should know about!

Young women avoiding Tamoxifen due to fertility concerns

A new study revealed that many young breast cancer patients are not taking tamoxifen, or stopping it prematurely, because of side effects and fertility concerns. Women who have hormone receptor-positive breast cancer are often prescribed tamoxifen for 5-10 years. It is not recommended to get pregnant while taking the medication, and for women who wish to start a family, waiting the 5-10 years can have a negative impact on their fertility and family planning. The study notes that there is a clear need for fertility preservation discussions prior to treatment.

At Rethink, we are trying to raise funds to support a trial that will look at the effects of women pausing their hormone therapy, so young women can better understand the risks and benefits. Please support the trial coming to Canada by making a donation.

Scientists switch off the cancer in human cells

Scientists have taken cancerous cells in a lab and figured out a wayto “put on the brakes” and return the cells to normal. The testing was done on aggressive breast cancer, bladder and lung cells in the lab. Although there’s still a long way to go in understanding how these findings may be able to treat people who have cancer, the researchers feel it’s an exciting step in the right direction.

Blood test may predict breast cancer recurrence

Another study released this week showed promising results for predicting the return of breast cancer, using a blood test. Being able to target cancer before it spreads would be a huge advancement in the quest to make cancer treatment more personalized. The researchers hope to use the blood test in clinical trials as early as next year.

Tickets go on sale for Rethink Breast Cancer fundraising event

The party of the year is almost here, and tickets for Boobyball are officially on sale now. This year, ‘Planet Booby’ will be hitting four Canadian cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Calgary. Proceeds from tickets go to Rethink so we can continue to do the work we do to provide resources and support to young people who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer. Coming to Boobyball is a great way to give back (and we’re pretty confident it will also be the best party you’ve ever been to!) so get your tickets now before they’re all snatched up.