Here’s the buzz from this week we think you should know about!

Ophira Ginsburg to help women with cancer in developing countries

Dr. Ophira Ginsburg, an oncologist and researcher at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, has been appointed by the World Health Organization to help create programming and guidelines for women with cancer in developing countries. Dr. Ginsburg is aiming to help and improve outcomes for the many women in these countries who have a higher risk of dying from breast or cervical cancers, due to stigma and poor healthcare infrastructure. Congrats and good luck to Dr. Ginsburg as she takes on this very important new role!

A glass of wine a day can increase breast cancer risk

Evidence continues to mount showing a link between alcohol and breast cancer – even in small amounts. New research says that one glass of wine a day increases the risk of breast cancer for women, for both smokers and non-smokers. You can read the full study here. As always, try your best to limit your alcohol intake whenever possible.

Yvonne Craig dies of breast cancer

One of the first female superheroes has sadly passed away from breast cancer. Yvonne Craig, who originated the role of Batgirl, died this week at the age of 78. As an actress who demanded to perform her own stunts and also stood up for women’s rights, we think Yvonne Craig was pretty badass. Check out this PSA she did in the 70’s for equal pay for women.

Shannen Doherty diagnosed with breast cancer

And in other celebrity news, actress Shannen Doherty of 90210 fame confirmed she has been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. It has been revealed that the actress is in a legal battle with her former business manager who she claims did not pay her insurance premiums – thus preventing her from getting proper care and receiving an earlier diagnosis.

Rethink releases new video from ‘The Comeback’ series

This week we introduced the second video in our new LiveLaughLearn series for living post-cancer diagnosis. This video deals with returning to work after cancer, offering expert tips on how to deal with the challenges of this step. We also created a short video for some comedic relief, illustrating some of the (not so great) things people sometimes say to someone with cancer who’s just returned to the office. We hope it makes you laugh!