Rethink Breast Cancer knows how to create campaigns that gets people talking.

We create content that is fresh, educational, buzz-worthy, and most importantly, speaks to women in their 40s and under in their own voice.

Rethink first caught the public’s attention with the hilarious Man Breasts video. Based on the idea that if men had ‘boobs’ they would really appreciate them, this video added a humourous note to breast cancer awareness.

In 2001, Rethink’s Executive Director, MJ DeCoteau brought the international Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign to Canada. For 10 years Rethink worked with several top Canadian fashion brands to raise awareness for breast cancer across the country.

A few years ago, our Boobyball committee worked with MTV Canada host Aliya- Jasmine Sovani to create a promo video called Save the Boobs. The cheeky video went viral and everyone from The View to CNN wanted to speak to Rethink! Our founder, MJ DeCoteau, was interviewed on Good Morning America and even Jay Leno played the video on air.

More recently, we launched a smart phone app called Your Man Reminder, which features hot guys reminding women to take care of their breast health. The promotional video for the app spread across the globe and has garnered over 7 million views on YouTube! Our campaign won a Webbie Award, a TED award, got recognition on Mashable, and led to Rethink’s 2nd nod as one of the Top 10 Marketers in Canada.

We have also been recognized for creating award-winning breast cancer film content. Our film About Her received the Donald Britain Award for Best Documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2013.

In 2014, Rethink launched a new LiveLaughLearn video series as part of the first ever “boob-tube” digital breast cancer channel. An evolution of our in-person support groups, this successful video series offers practical tips for young women with breast cancer from young women based on their personal experience.

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