Rethink Breast Cancer is calling on the Minister of Health in Nova Scotia to fund a diagnostic test called Oncotype Dx.

On October 8th, Rethink’s Founder & Executive Director, MJ DeCoteau & I traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia to meet with Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Deputy Minister of Health. The purpose of these meetings was to introduce them to Rethink and also highlight the importance this test could have on women diagnosed with breast cancer in the province.

oncotype-stat1Oncotype Dx helps identify which women with early-stage, estrogen-receptor positive and lymph-node-negative breast cancer are more likely to benefit from adding chemotherapy to their hormonal treatment. This test also helps assess the likelihood that an individual woman’s breast cancer will return. More than 12,000 patients in Canada have benefited from the additional information that the Oncotype Dx test has provided.

During Question Period on October 23rd, Progressive Conservative Health Critic, Honourable Chris d’Entremont raised this issue with Minister Glavine. Read their exchange here.

Oncotype Dx is considered a standard of care in the United States and has received approval from various committees including the Ontario Health Technology Assessment Committee. This test has been approved in 6 other provinces and with your help we can ensure that women of Nova Scotia receive equal treatment as women in other provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

writealetterNSConsider joining our letter writing campaign to voice your support on the importance Oncotype Dx will have on young women diagnosed with breast cancer in Nova Scotia. Visit here for more information.

One size does not fit all when it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis. This test will hopefully lead to a more personalized approach in breast cancer treatment, which may be more cost effective in treating cancer patients.