Breast Fest and Films

Rethink Breast Cancer is committed to producing compelling films that tell the stories of young women and offer different perspectives on the experience of breast cancer.

About Her

About Her tells the intimate story of nine young women facing life in the wake of their HER2+ breast cancer diagnosis.  Filled with humour and candour, each woman’s unique experience is woven together into a shared portrait of each painful and hopeful chapter of discovery, treatment and recovery, punctuated by excerpts from one woman’s acclaimed blog voiced by Kim Cattrall.

About Her is directed by Phyllis Ellis and produced by Rethink Breast Cancer, Henry Less Productions and Shaftesbury in association with the W Network.

WE WON! ABOUT HER took home the Donald Brittain award for best doc program at the Canadian Screen Awards!

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I Am Anna

Anna Craig is a mother, daughter, wife, sister, artist, architect and young woman living with metastatic breast cancer. Thinking about her legacy, Anna decides to design an addition to her house for her family as well as working to increase support for young women with metastatic cancer. Join Anna on her inspiring journey to create her legacies.

HIGH RISK: A Rethink Breast Cancer Film

An inherited gene mutation, a family history of breast cancer, or chest radiation before age thirty can lead some young women to be considered high risk for breast cancer.

While the number of young women at high risk is low, the impact of being informed that one is at high risk is large. Join 7 young women as they discuss the how they found out they were at a higher risk for breast cancer and how this information has shaped and is shaping the decisions they are making to address their elevated risk.

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Breast Fest

The first international film festival of its kind, Breast Fest brings a new level of energy, insight, expression and entertainment to the worldwide breast cancer community.

Our showcase combines groundbreaking dramatic features, documentaries and shorts with an extraordinary lineup of topical workshops, speakers and panel discussions.

Rolling out the pink carpet for people affected by breast cancer and film buffs alike, Breast Fest sets the perfect scene for guests to connect, share stories and celebrate the art of living, with or without breast cancer.

Stay tuned for Breast Fest 2016.

Here are some highlights from our 2014 Breast Fest: